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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lindy Hop? 

Lindy Hop is an African-American dance that comes from Harlem, the dance that swept the nation during the big band swing era. It has both 6-count and 8-count patterns along with some Charleston. That's why we require new students to take 4 months of Level 1 classes (6-count, 8-count, and Charleston). Learn more...

Do I need to bring a partner to class?

No you don't! About half of our students come solo and half come with a partner. We rotate throughout class so you get to try things with everybody which will make you better, plus you get to meet some really nice folks!

I have some experience - which level should I take?

If you don't know a swingout, circle, promenade, tuck turn, & basic 6 & 8-count rhythm patterns as well as basic Charleston, you should for sure take a Level 1 class. If you have done East Coast Swing, you may be familiar with some of Level 1 (6-count) but you'll need to learn triple steps and you will for sure need the Level 1 (8-count) and Level 1 (Charleston) before Level 2. For more level info, check out Our Curriculum.

I missed the 1st class - can I still come to the rest?

For Levels 1 & 2 the general answer is no. Our lessons are progressive which means we build a foundation the 1st week upon which we build each following week. Students who miss the 1st week generally have a hard time and less fun and that is not what we want! We want LESS hard and MORE fun!

What kind of clothes/shoes should I wear?

You are welcome to wear what you wish - no fancy dress required. Come in something comfortable that you can move (and maybe sweat a bit) in. As for shoes, no wet/dirty shoes please, and no shoes with marking soles - we need to protect our floors. Other than that, not too slippery and not too sticky is the key.

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