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Start from Zero

Never danced before? Not a problem. There is no experience or partner required. Join our Level 1 class and have a great time meeting new friends and learning along the way. From total newbies to experienced swing dancers, we have classes for everyone.


Make real Progress

Our curriculum is made to take your dancing to the next level. Instead of one-and-done single classes we take you step by step through monthly courses that build your confidence each week and get you ready for the dance floor.

Top Notch Instruction

All of our teachers compete and instruct on a national to international level. Not only are they the most skilled dancers in the Twin Cities, they are also dedicated teachers striving to give you the best learning experience.

See what our students are saying about us

Rachel B.

I came to class not knowing a thing about dancing or what to expect. Now, all I want to do is swing dance! The instructors are amazing and can teach anyone new things regardless of skill level.

Joe F.

Very fun atmosphere and the instructors are great. Beginning levels start at zero so no experience needed. They move quickly so you will be dancing in no time. I highly recommend Uptown Swing, they truly want to help people learn to Lindy Hop. 

Kendra S.

Uptown Swing dancers and lessons are phenomenally helpful! Often even a single comment in a class will positively and fundamentally change the way you dance."

Check out what we are up to!

Make New Friends

You'll find lots of fun folks to dance with at Uptown Swing, and potentially new friends as well.

Increase Energy

It's a great workout but you won't even notice it because you'll be having too much fun.

Boost Your Mood

Dancing brings people joy - even when you are learning. Come feel the joy. You never know - it could change your life!

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Take a look at our courses & 



Our mission is to share the Lindy Hop with as many new dancers as possible while being a continuing resource for more experienced dancers.

We welcome all ages, colors, and genders and we believe that the Lindy Hop is more than just a bunch of steps, and we are honored to be able to share it.

-Peter & Naomi

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