Hey there, Peter here. I created Uptown Swing in 2010 in my hometown, Minneapolis, MN.


Having been lucky enough to teach Lindy Hop devotees all over the world for years, when the great Frankie Manning, the ambassador of Lindy Hop passed away in 2009, I decided that I wanted to not just teach Lindy Hop, but I wanted to introduce as many people to this dance as possible, and so I started Uptown Swing.

Since then, we've grown from 1 beginner class, to 4 levels of classes with hundreds of people coming out to learn on 2 different nights every week. We've also created some special events, such as the Uptown Strutters' Ball dances, Uptown Swing & Soul dances, and our amazing Dance Day events and in 2015 we held our first annual Uptown Swingout Workshop Weekend.

Uptown Swing is named in honor not just of Uptown, Minneapolis (where I grew up) but also for Uptown, NYC - Harlem, where the Lindy Hop was born and we strive to bring together the best of those two Uptowns here at Uptown Swing. We are very proud of the classes we teach and the community we have built so please come out and join the fun!