We've put together these playlists on Spotify (which is free!) so that you can have some music to dance and practice to at home. You can download Spotify HERE.

Uptown Swing Jazz

This playlist has a bunch of great classic jazz songs, ranging from slow to fast, all great for swing dancing.

Really Swingin':

Frankie Manning's Big Band Favorites

This playlist is the same track list as a compilation that Frankie curated.

Women in Jazz

This playlist is the result Maddie Rode's collaboration with Naomi Uyama on a women in Jazz night at RJ.

What does it mean when you say the music "swings"?
Uptown Swing Soul

This playlist has a bunch of classic soul music but it still has that swing rhythm so you can dance to it all night.

More Uptown Swing Jazz

Here are a bunch more songs to check out, some classic, some less so, but all fun to dance to!

Solo Jazz Playlist

This is some of the music we've used for Solo Jazz level classes. Hope it helps you practice!