Solo Jazz is open to students of all levels but is aimed at Levels 2 & 3.


Our Solo Jazz lessons are progressive, building from week to week (no drop-ins) and we offer four different 4-week series:


  • Solo Jazz (Shim Sham & Jitterbug Stroll): In this series we will learn two classic jazz line dances. The Shim Sham is a classic jazz and tap line dance created by Leonard Reed back in 1930. It has been adopted by Lindy Hoppers around the world and popularized and often led at Lindy Hop events by the great Frankie Manning. The Jitterbug Stroll was created during the beginning of the Lindy Hop revival by the great dancer Ryan Francois.

  • Solo Jazz (Tranky Doo): The Tranky Doo is a classic jazz choreography created by the great Frankie Manning that he added onto and changed over the years. We will take this month to teach you the original and classic version.

  • Solo Jazz (Uptown Shuffle): This series is dedicated to teaching you our very own Uptown Swing solo jazz dance, created by Peter, the founder of Uptown Swing. Learn this and then you can represent the Uptown Swing crew wherever you go.

  • Solo Jazz (Classics & Improv): In this series we will round out your knowledge of the classic steps and get you working on improvising and creating on your own and on the fly.


Students must complete at least 2 out of the 4 Solo Jazz series before moving on to level 4. The series will rotate in order from month to month.