Lindsay discovered swing dancing in 2002 in her hometown of Knoxville, TN. A Southeast dancer at heart, she has since then traveled the country for workshops, competitions, teaching, and performances. While living in Atlanta from 2008-2013 she taught local classes, DJ’d regularly, and helped organize various annual events. When it comes to swing dancing, Lindsay truly enjoys putting community first.


Not only has Lindsay taught for over 10 both locally and regionally, she has competed and placed at a number of events in solo, partnered, and team divisions. She also enjoys performing, be it solo jazz or flying high during the recreation of vintage choreography. One of Lindsay’s favorite things about vintage jazz dance is the depth and breadth of the dance, so she regularly travels and takes classes from international-level teachers to stay challenged and inspired.

In her own classes Lindsay focuses on quality of movement, technique, self-expression, and most of all, fun! Her teaching is reflective of her passion for the conversation between both partners and the music. Although Lindy Hop is the love of her feet, Charleston, Solo Jazz, and Balboa show up for the party too. She is excited to be in Chicago and joining the team at Big City Swing.