Students must have completed all Level 2 series (Swingout, Charleston, Mixing 6 & 8, and Musicality) before taking Level 3.


Our level 3 lessons are also progressive, building from week to week (no drop-ins) and we offer four different 4-week series:


  • Level 3 (Variations): This series will give you all sorts of ways to spice up your 6 & 8 count basics. We'll show you lots of classic (and cool) footwork and rhythms to put into your Lindy Hop. 

  • Level 3 (Charleston): This Charleston session will take you through more challenging figures and patterns. We are going to take your Charleston game to the next level.

  • Level 3 (Connection): We will take the whole month to work on different ways to improve your leading and following, your timing, and your overall connection. We want to help you become a dancer that not only looks great, but one who also FEELS great.

  • Level 3 (The Classics): In this series we will show you some of the classic steps and choreography that make Lindy Hop Lindy Hop.


Students are welcome to begin level 3 lessons with any of the series offered but students must complete all 4 series as well as all 4 Solo Jazz series before moving on to level 4. The series will rotate in order from month to month.