Students must have completed Level 1 (6-count and 8-count) before taking Level 2. 


Our level 2 lessons are also progressive, building from week to week (no drop-ins) and we offer four different 4-week series:


  • Level 2 (Swingout): This series will focus on refining the swingout and adding variations and moves based on the swingout. The swingout is what makes Lindy Hop Lindy Hop so it pays to do it well.

  • Level 2 (Charleston): We’ll start with basic Charleston technique and build to more and more challenging moves. It will be a sweaty good time.

  • Level 2 (Mixing 6 & 8): This series focuses on how to switch smoothly between both 6-count and 8-count moves and how to stop worrying about the counts period so you can lead and/or follow better.

  • Level 2 (Musicality): This series is about the music. How to dance to it better and how to enjoy it more. We’ll show some fun moves and breaks and work on using them to accent the music. The more we listen to the music the better we dance.


Students are welcome to begin level 2 lessons with any of the series offered but students must complete all 4 series before moving on to level 3. The series will rotate in order from month to month.