Katie first fell in love with dancing when she joined a historic ballroom dance group over 10 years ago. As she danced her way through centuries of partnered and group dances, she discovered the joys of connecting with others through music. While she still loves a good waltz, polka, tango, or quadrille, it is the dances of the jazz age that truly embody the exuberant joy and freedom of creative expression that Katie experiences while dancing.

In 2011 Katie started devoting most of her time to learning the ins and outs of Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Balboa. It was shortly thereafter that she began traveling to workshops, competing, and teaching others. She currently works with Gary Grimm to teach Lindy Hop and one of her new favorite dances, St. Louis Shag. Katie enjoys using inductive teaching methods to engage her students and humor to put them at ease. She's also know for her use of creative metaphors to help explain the essential concepts of rhythm, connection, communication, and musicality.