Hey there, this is Peter.

You can check out my bio HERE and check out my schedule HERE.

Here’s a little background info on me:

I started swing dancing in 1998, taking a couple bar lessons from Cindy & Terry (who still teach and run a great dance at the Social Dance Studio on Thursday nights) and was instantly hooked.  Over the next 3 years I began to travel to workshop all over the country and even to the Mecca of Lindy Hoppers, Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden to take workshops.  After winning the American Lindy Hop Championships classic division in 2000, people started asking me to teach locally and regionally and after a couple years of seriously neglecting my day job, I began teaching dance full time in 2002 when I was first invited to teach at theBeantown Lindy Hop Camp, a week-long event where people from around the country come to learn the Lindy Hop from some of the best in the world (I still teach there, and its a great event).  Since then I have taught all over the country and the world (you can check out a list of events where I’ve taught down below) and even for a couple years ran regular classes here on Sunday nights until my out-of-town workshop schedule became too hectic to permit me the time to continue teaching local lessons.  After the passing of Frankie Manning, the ambassador of Lindy Hop to the world and our most treasured dancer and teacher in April of 2009, I felt called to find the time, to make the time if I had to, to introduce more people to this amazing dance that has changed my life so much.  That is why I started Uptown Swing, so that I could do more than just teach people who were already in love with this dance – so I could introduce this dance to people who have never experienced it before.  So, I am running Beginner, Beginner Plus, and Intermediate lessons every week in my hometown, Minneapolis, and I am trying to spread the love of Lindy Hop here at home.

Here’s some videos of me from the Frankie95 Memorial event performing the Frankie95 Worldwide Choreography. My partner Ramona and I put it together to honor the great Frankie Manning and so that dancers from all over the world could show their love for Frankie (check it out)

You can see more of me dancing on my clips page.


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