Clips of Peter

Here’s a clip from ILHC dancing with Jo Hoffberg – we won 1st place!

This is me dancing with Alice Mei from the Invitational Jack & Jill from the International Lindy Hop Championships.

This is the routine Naomi and I performed  at ILHC

Here’s Naomi & I performing in Berne, Switzerland an updated verion of Dopey Joe

Laura Glaess and I dancing at the International Lindy Hop Championships. I emcee the event and this was from the Invitational Jack & Jill which was a blast. The whole event is amazing and the clips can’t compare to being there so if you get a chance next year, try your best to make it.

Here’s me from the ILHC Invitational Jack & Jill with Jo Hoffberg

This one’s a clip of Naomi & doing a little demo at Social Dance Studio for our last workshop here in Minneapolis. Just a little improv with some jazz to tighten it up.

Naomi & demoing again at SDS this time before the big Uptown Strutters’ Ball event.

Another social demo with Naomi & I in Grenoble, France in 2009

Ramona & I doing a social demo at the same event in Grenoble a year earlier

Ramona & I in the teachers’ jam at Great Southwest Lindyfest in Houston in 2007

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